Life Saving Solutions and Management

An emergency can occur at any time, suddenly without warning. Proper planning is essential to minimize the impact of any emergency. With proper procedures, training and AEDs, HeartReady’s program will help facilitate a timely, effective, efficient, and coordinated emergency response to significant events affecting employees or customers.

HeartReady, Inc is a comprehensive organization providing AED Products, AED Asset Management, and Emergency Medical Response Training. Our team of experts educate, train, and prepare your employees to effectively manage workplace emergencies. We provide all-inclusive service and support and tailored solutions, readying your organization with life saving response systems.

Work Environment Safety & Compliance

01. Management 

  • AED Sales and Service 
  • AED Inspections 
  • Post-incident Servicing and Data Retrieval 

02. Training

  • Emergency Response Team Training 
  • Train to Emergency Response Plan 
  • Core 8
  • First 5 Emergency Response 

03. Specialized Services 

  • Safety Inspections 
  • OSHA Compliance 
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Emergency Action Plan ‘EAP’ 

Trusted By Leading Organizations

We Help Build Confidence In Our Clients

“This is my first time leaving a CPR class truly confident enough to use my skills in the real world if needed.”

– Lauren, Santa Clara

Our Seasoned Instructors Keep You Engaged

“The training provided is fun and very informative. They keep everyone involved and interactive… I highly recommend their services and support.”

– Toni, Opti Medica

We Help Businesses Stay in Compliance With Ease

“Before HeartReady we had no idea how to handle our AED program. HeartReady has made managing our AED program a breeze and keeps us in compliance.”

– Joe, Facilities Manager,
San Jose City College

Emergency Response Training

Flexible Training & Services

HeartReady has a full team of industry-trained subject matter experts to help your company succeed at training staff and conducting regular exercises to ensure your organization is ready to respond to emergencies. Our training activities are customized for your business to meet your specific needs and expectations. 

Due to the pandemic that is sweeping across the world, we’ve adjusted our services to keep you safe. Our trainings are available online and remote, including the AED and CPR certifications.

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